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1)  The EIS-GS system is a programmable electro medical system including:

  • USB plug and play hardware device including an electronic box , 6 disposable electrodes, reusable electrodes  and  reusable cables
  • Software installed on a computer.

Protocol communication: USB port.

Through the 6 tactile electrodes, a weak  DC current is sending alternatively between 2 electrodes with a sequence and the EIS-GS system is recording the electrical conductance of 11 pathways of the human body.

In accordance with the 21 CFR 882.1540, the EIS-GS system is a galvanic Skin response device that provides skin conductance measurements on the PC screen.

Indications / Intended uses

EIS-GS (Electro Interstitial Scan-GS) is a medical device for the measurement of galvanic skin response.  The data are stored in PC in the Backup system of the EIS-GS software.

The device is intended use in practitioner’s office and clinical setting.

Prescription Use Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician


2)  The E.S BC (Electro Sensor Body composition) measures the resistance and the reactance in tetra polar mode between the right hand and right foot with a mono frequency of 50 KHz. The resistance and reactance calculate will be converting in estimated body composition parameters (TWB, Fat Free mass, fat mass) according to the predictive equations of BIA (Body Impedance Analysis) issue from the peer reviews.

Intended uses.

Calculation and Historical Tracking of:
-Actual Impedance
-Actual Phase Angle (PA)
-Estimated Body Fat (FAT)
-Estimated Fat Free Mass (FFM)

-Estimated Total Body Water (TBW)
-Estimated Intra-Cellular Water (ICW)
-Estimated Extra-Cellular Water (ECW)
-Estimated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
-Estimated Daily Energy Expenditure (DEE)
-Actual Body Mass Index (BMI)

The device is not intended for use for diagnosis.
The data are stored in PC in the Backup system of the E.S-BC software.
The device is intended for use on healthy subjects age from 10 to 80 years old.
The device is  for over the counter use.


3)  E.S Teck PEMS (Electro Sensor Teck PEMS) /E.S.O (Electro Sensor Oxi)

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4)  LD 08C  (Blood Pressure Device)  Read More

5)TM-Oxi Gateway  Available through manufacturer.  Please Contact Us Menla Technologies


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