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Menla Technologies is proud to represent LD Technology products.

Making Your Complex Decision Simple


ES Complex 2.5

LD TECHNOLOGY™ has developed the following products :

 Combination of Electro-Sensors  

LD Technology™ is dedicated to improving patient care and safety by designing, manufacturing and marketing electro-sensor devices (EIS-GS, ES Oxi and ES-BC) which can be used with specific software including the management of measurements and data. 


LD TECHNOLOGY™ provides safe, precise and easy to use solutions to bring affordable, reliable electro-sensor devices into daily practice. 

According to the clinical investigation carried out in University of Miami to compare the data of EIS-GS, ES-BC and ES Oxi to standardized techniques, the conclusion of the clinical investigator was:

“The EIS-GS, ES Oxi and ES-BC would be useful to help detect metabolic syndrome and its complications such as diabetes, and cardiovascular disease and non-invasively and rapidly manage treatment follow-up.”

CPT/ICD9 Codes in Medical Practice

                 CPT-ICD9 Codes

 Data management 

ES Complex Software is an optional software accessory for use with the following models with data management capabilities: a) LD 08C, blood pressure device b) ES Oxi , oximeter c) EIS-GS, galvanic skin response device and d) ES-BC. Analyzer body composition.


Library and Statistics software 

It is an optional statistical software accessory. It uploads data from ES Complex and TM-Oxi Gateway practitioner software. It performs statistical analysis to compare or correlate uploaded data and medical condition according to peer reviews (meta-analysis) and/or guidelines which are including in the software library. The charts and graphics are displayed into a computer to assist the physician in data evaluation. 
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Announcing the all new

  • TM-Oxi
  • SudoPath

for the emerging  field of Cardio Metabolics. 

Our new approach includes state of

the art autonomic nervous system testing, pulse wave analysis, endothelial function,

Sudomotor function and more. Call for details! We can assess your needs for capital equipment in your practice

for improved patient outcome. Contact us for more information

and demo.


"This technology has significantly enhanced my diagnosing strategies.

 In the first few weeks of using it, I was able to see imbalances that previous lab testing failed to appreciate.  Thank you

for supplying this wonderful technology and please keep me posted with future updates."

Dr. Stephen T. Spates



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Menla Technologies, located in the midwest of the U.S.A, is a licensed distributor of LD Technology, LLC products in the U.S.

. Who we are


Susan Rustici, President

Menla Technologies
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developed devices including 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV), galvanic skin response, pulse oximetry with pulse wave

analysis, and bioimpedance for taking measurements with high correlation to industry standards.  


   There is no       equivalent in the world to better

help you in your practice:

  • Medical Devices
  • Clinical Studies
  • Medical CPT-ICD9 Suggested Coding

All doctors have the same problem: Many vague symptoms that lack "red flags" to inform a practitioner

if one is on the right path or not. The LD Products can significantly help with this process.

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