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MENLA TECHNOLOGIES is proud to introduce the all new

ES Teck

Wellness Complex 3.5




ES Teck
Wellness Complex 3.5

Invented by a World-Renowned Neurologist and a leading international software developer, the technology behind the ES Teck Wellness Complex 3.5 allows health care providers across the nation instant access to a wealth of analytic information about your clients.

The non-invasive ES Teck Wellness Complex 3.5 scanning system gives your practice access to unparalleled patient education and follow up exams, driven by highly accurate data and functional analysis visualization software.

The new version, release 3.5, contains a completely redesigned UI for faster, easier analysis and improved signal processing techniques to increase the accuracy and reliability of your data. With fast, painless testing, reliable and repeatable results, the ES Teck Wellness Complex 3.5 is the high quality education and treatment monitoring tool your practice needs

Comprehensive Lifestyle Analysis

Overall Wellness Score
Heart Rate Variabilty
Sudomotor Function

Endothelial Function
Disease Risk Screening

Patient Education Software  

HRV, Pulse Wave Analysis, Sudomotor Function, Body Composition  read more ...







Menla Technologies connects contemporary healthcare providers with the highest quality tools they need to assess and monitor patient care.


"This technology has significantly enhanced my diagnosing strategies.  In the first few weeks of using it, I was able to see imbalances that previous lab testing failed to appreciate.  Thank you for supplying this wonderful technology and please keep me posted with future updates."

Dr. Stephen T. Spates

Integrative HealthCare Inc.


'The ES Teck/Complex has been a great tool for my practice to monitor physiological changes and improvements that take place under Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. Having this technology in our practice has also really helped bridge the gap for patients to see how correcting and taking care of their spine has a positive impact on the function of their autonomic nervous system and the function of their body.'

Joseph E. Miles Jr. B.Sc, D.C. , U.C.A.
Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Director - ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care

2011 - UCHC "Upper Cervical Doctor of Year"

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Menla Technologies, located in the midwest of the U.S.A, is a licensed distributor of LD Technology, LLC products in the U.S.  We provide state of the art technology including autonomic nervous system testing, pulse wave analysis, endothelial function, Sudomotor function and more. Call for details! We can assess your needs for capital equipment in your practice for improved patient outcome. Contact us for more information and demo.

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All doctors have the same problem: Many vague symptoms that lack "red flags" to inform a practitioner

if one is on the right path or not. The LD Products can significantly help with this process.

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